KUGA Talks bring together people who have a vision and direction of social responsibility and social benefit. This week we are hosting two important Koc graduate, Tutku Aküzüm and Cem Oğuzcan from Finish.

With the Water of Tomorrow project, Finish encourages us to preserve the water that is likely to run out in the near future and reconsider all our habits from the shower to dishwashing. They are working today to preserve water for the future.

We would be delighted to see you among us in this conversation where we will talk about “Saving Tomorrow’s Water”!

KUGA Talks open its doors to anyone who cannot be indifferent to social problems. There is a place for all of us here!

April 20, 19.00

Meeting ID: 954 8491 9428

Passcode: 306044

*This meeting will be held in Turkish.

*This meeting will be considered as Univ101 Seminar.