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KU Global Aid Recruitment Days are opened once in a year. For the 2019-2020 educational term, dates will be announced. Stay tuned via social media accounts to apply for 2019-2020 term!

KU Global Aid was established in 2010 under the Office of International Programs and has grown rapidly in a short period of time. Over a couple of years, the KU Global Aid team has conducted projects in Tunisia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Erzincan, Turkey. Later, it led social impact projects in India in 2015, in Zimbabwe in the summer of 2016 and Brazil in the summer of 2018. While all projects vary in aim at the local level, they have the common goal of contributing to the development and growth of communities which are in need of support.

Projects of Ku Global Aid are not run only globally and international, but also in the domestic level. Besides the upcoming global summer project, Ku Global Aid will have been continuing domestic project named “Anlaş, Kaynaş, Beraber Paylaş!” in Uzun Yusuf Ortaokulu, Fatih, İstanbul. The project aims to integrate Syrian refugee children to social and educational life and obstacle bias of Turkish students on Syrian peers.

KU GlobalAid has been serving while learning since its foundation. And now, we want to get bigger with new members and hopefully, achieve more.

For further information about KU GlobalAid, please check our social media addresses.