Where Everything is On the Edge of Changing: Tunisia Trip and Project

December 14, 2014

We as a KUGlobalAid went to Tunisia to complete waterworks in Umnum Bişne village which is close to Algeria border and far 400 kilometers from Tunis. With our help dwellers in that village can easily reach the water. In addition to that, we also visited UNDP Tunisia and got information about the revolutionary process in Tunisia and what is their role and their actions about current issues. After that we visited Ennahdha Movement, they are part of the provisional government and executive power for making a new constitution in there we talked with the head of political affairs and discussed how Tunisia develop itself after the revolution. We observed the constitution-making process and suggestions from university students. We organized a “Kermes” and get some money for our waterwork projects. Finally, we interviewed with Turkish Embassy and talked about how we can make our project sustainable for the future because our main goal is making projects sustainable.