KUGA Talks-3

November 19, 2020

Bringing together people with social entrepreneurship and social responsibility vision, KUGA Talks is hosting Future Females Ankara ambassadors Esra Çankaya and Merve Büyükçakıroğlu this week!

Future Females Ankara offers a pleasant learning experience by introducing social entrepreneurs to us and establishing a communication network with its regular events, while also sharing important insights about the entrepreneurship adventure.

If you are curious about the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and the important and valuable points of social entrepreneurship, and you want to know more, this KUGA Talks event is for you!

KUGA Talks opens its doors to everyone who cannot remain indifferent to social problems, there is a place for all of us here!

Note: The event is a part of Univ101.

*Our event will be held in Turkish.


Meeting ID: 992 8894 0129

Passcode: 045233