KUGA Talks bring together people who have a vision and direction of social responsibility and social benefit. This week we are hosting Kıvılcım Pınar Kocabıyık, the founder of Yuvam Dünya.

Yuvam Dünya, is a non-governmental organisation founded to lead all earthlings in the fight against climate crisis, with a vision that social change should start at every segment of the society. Yuvam Dünya volunteers are working to remind people of a life that is respectful to the world’s resources through emphasizing the importance of language and communication, and to change the habits of our generation for a better future.

We would be delighted to see you among us in this conversation where we will talk about “Climate Crisis and Individual Actions”!

KUGA Talks open its doors to anyone who cannot be indifferent to social problems. There is a place for all of us here!

May 5th, Wednesday 19.00

Meeting ID: 978 3266 7168

Passcode: KUGA21

*This event will be held in Turkish.

*This event will be considered as a Univ101 Seminar.