1. What is KU Global Aid?

KU Global Aid is a voluntary student community established within Koc University.

2. Is KU Global Aid a student club?

Koç University Global Aid is established to find sustainable solutions to global problems, and due to this, was founded under the supervision of Koç University Office of International Programs, Dean of Students, as the “Koç University   Extracurricular Student Activities Directive” states. Due to this, KUGA is different from student clubs within the school. It can be qualified as a student organization that works with OIP coordinately.

3. What is OIP?

Office of International Programs was established for raising the global presence and visibility of Koç University. Encouraging intellectual and cultural development, creating learning opportunities at the global level are parts of the mission of OIP.

4. What is KU Global Aid’s mission?

KU Global Aid, aims to find sustainable solutions to global issues and design projects towards this goal, while working with other organizations that have the same mission, globally. KU Global Aid also aims to raise awareness on social issues with their projects and events, ultimately contributing to society’s social consciousness as a whole.

5. Who can join KU Global Aid?

All Koç University students, regardless of their class level or department, including exchange and master students, can apply to KU Global Aid and are eligible to join if their application is accepted.

6. How can I apply?

By filling out the application form sent out by KU Global Aid in the first half of the Fall semester each year. Selected applicants are eligible to join after successfully completing the interview section as well.

7. What has KU Global Aid been working on?

Projects of KU Global Aid are The India Project, Global Involvement Seminar, Nar Project, Women Entrepreneurship Erzincan, Tunisia Project, Left Behind in Bosnia and Let’s be United. Our final project Let’s be United is designed and realized to increase the social connection between local and migrant children in primary schools in Türkiye. You can check out our work in detail here. https://globalaid.ku.edu.tr/projects/

8. What can KU Global Aid offer you if you join our team?

If you join the KU Global Aid team, you will have a chance to improve your teamwork abilities. In addition, you will be able to further develop your leadership skills. In this social team, we are trying to find solutions to current problems by pushing the limits of our creativity and by discussing our ideas. If you already have these skills and you are a responsible person, KU Global Aid will be a place that helps to improve your abilities and make your view of the world more conscious while further increasing your awareness.

9. How can you be eligible for the KU Global Aid Certificate?

KU Global Aid Certification was designed as a response for students who give considerable contributions to the community. Requirements to earn certification are predetermined, but these may change according to the conditions of the current education year. Some general requirements can be listed as taking role in different KUGA events and regular attendance   to weekly   meetings.   For more information, please visit: https://globalaid.ku.edu.tr/about/kuga-participation-certificate/

10. What does KU Global Aid do during the semester?

During the semester, the team gathers every week to discuss and to design projects and events. The meetings are held in Turkish and English. Also, some trainings are given by experts to improve the efficacy of the KU Global Aid Team. Those trainings are organized by the coordinators and the help of OIP. In addition, the events called KUGA Talks are organized during the semester. The talks aim to share knowledge and experiences of social organizations, entrepreneurs, academicians and KUGA alumni to KU Global Aid members and Koç University students.

11. What is KUGA Talks?

KUGA Talks is organized to bring people who share the vision of social responsibility and social responsibility. Thanks to “KUGA Talks”, the audience will have a chance to listen to the stories of inspiring people who are working in the fields of social benefit, including NGOs, social entrepreneurs and project leaders.