KUGA Talks-2

November 13, 2020


KUGA Talks bring together people who have a vision and direction of social entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

This time we are hosting Handan Uslu, the founder of KU Global Aid and Kadın Hakları Dijital Veri Platformu (Digital Data Platform of Women’s Rights)!

Kadın Hakları Dijital Veri Platformu, which was founded by Handan Uslu while she was working at Google in order to create activities about digital advocacy, is an EU-funded project and has growing impact.

If you are interested in digital advocacy, social entrepreneurship, and technology-civic society partnership, and if you want to learn more; do not miss this KUGA Talks!

KUGA Talks open its doors to anyone who cannot be indifferent to social problems. There is a place for all of us here!

16 November Monday, 19.30


Meeting ID: 927 8806 1753
Passcode:  578898