As KU Global Aid we aimed to increase the social connection between peers from local and migrant children in a primary school in Fatih. We are planning on doing this by implementing artistic and empathetic workshops every month. This semester as a group we attended the Hult Prize and we furthered our project idea into the competition format. This year Hult Prizes’ goal was to provide jobs for 10000 youth by having a positive impact in the world. So for this, we developed a Company idea called “PeerCo”. To give a brief description “PeerCo” was built to inspire empathetic collaboration between peers in an environment which does not support enough creativity. “PeerCo”, takes the initiative to create a collaborative platform service in which children can re-discover empathy, curiosity, global citizenship and equality. We developed this idea into a global strategic platform that allows people from all around the World to connect access and add their opinions on how to better the education system which creates new generations. We built this ideas business model on three key actors which start with children, aiming to have positive impacts on schools. The third and main part in which we would provide meaningful jobs were through our ambassadors who will be the bridge to tomorrow’s meaningful jobs. Our ambassadors include any individual who wants to have a voice in education and contribute to the future of children. Basically, we enhance our idea to have an impact globally. We started our school visits to Fatih as small groups back in 2019. In the beginning of 2020, we wanted to take our project one step further and decided to partner with Gaziantep Kolej Vakfı. In Gaziantep, we gave workshops to their IB students on how they can carry out Let’s Be United on their own. Our objective is to keep spreading this project and help children and communities everywhere, whilst raising awareness.  We are trying to build social interactions between migrant and local children through organizing homework time, workshops, and conversations. Ku Global Aid volunteers, aims to increase social integration with self-development of these children. We want to contribute to their social identity, perspectives and their collective & self- development. We have taken pictures and recorded videos during this process so far, to affect the consciousness of Türkiye and the world and to show that prejudices can change with young generations.